5 Tips For A Better Electric Shave

When it comes to shaving, one of the most difficult shavers to learn to shave with is the electric shaver. You either get it right away, learn or simply can never pick it up at all. However, although it may seem impossible for some to learn how to get clean shave with electric shaver methods, it can be done. You simply need to know a few tricks of the trade to get you started to a clean, smooth shave that you can turn to time and time again.

1. Be Ready Before You Shave.

Although there are new breeds of wet and dry shavers that do not require too much prep prior to shaving with an electric razor, the kind that comes to mind when we first think of electric razors do. If you are using an old school electric razor then you will need to do a little prepping before you begin to shave.

You will need the hair that you wish to shave to be stiff and bone dry. This will mean ensuring that it is free of sebum (oil). Many companies make pre-shaving products that help the hair to stand up on end before you shave so that you can get a closer shave. While it may sound painful, the serums are formulated to act kind of like electricity… however, we promise that this serum is not painful – simply helpful.

2.Make Sure to Get the Angle Right.

When you shave, make sure that you shave at right angles. As you are doing this, pull your skin taunt with your other hand. This helps the hairs to stand up straight and high. This also ensures more contact with your skin, which means that you will receive a closer shave using this method. This will also reduce shaving time and help to prevent snagging of the skin which can be painful. If you have a foil shaver, it works best if you use back and forth movements. If you use rotary shavers, you should stick to circular motions.

3. Keep it Cool.

Because electric shavers have a motor, they generate heat. This heat then reflects on to your skin and can cause irritation. this is why it is so important to try to keep your skin cool to prevent irritation as much as humanly possible. The rub burn that comes from heat can be rather painful so make sure to really put effort into avoiding this issue. This means tackling your neck and other sensitive spots at the very start of your shave while the electric shaver is still pretty cool. This will prevent irritation. Also, remember to press down lightly and do not go over the same spot more than one time during shaving.

4. Give Yourself Some TLC.

Just like a truck, your electric shaver will work better if you perform maintenance on the electric shaver as time goes by. With every year, be sure to use the brush that comes with the shaver to brush away hairs and clean it out well. If you fail to do this, you will begin to get more irritation, a less smooth shave and your unit may even break down. To prevent breaking, never tap your razor on the side of the sink to remove hairs as this could damage the inner workings of the product and lead to the need to buy a new one asap.

If you are using a foil shaver, you will need to replace the foil every one to two years to ensure that it works great for as long as possible. Most guys will not do this and as a result they will need to press harder to get a good shave. This will then result in bad irritation. They will continue to use it not understanding that the foil does not last a lifetime. Details of replacement pieces will come in your instruction manual. If you tossed it, look it up online.

5. Stick to the Plan.

Patience is always a good virtue to possess and even though wet shaving can work well right away, it can take a few weeks to really get the hang of using an electric razor and it can even take time for your skin to adjust to the change. After this, you will begin to see a smooth shave and the same great results that you get with a straight razor.

Though it can take a little time to get the hang of how to get clean shave with electric shaver methods, it is well worth the effort to learn this traditional rite of passage of shaving which can be the best method if you only take the time to learn how to do it.

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